27 Dec

Free Android Kids Puzzle Games - Problem-Solving, Spatial InsightHave you ever heard of puzzle games for kids? If not, you may be in for a surprise! Smart Games brings a wide variety of challenging, creative games that promote key cognitive skills such as pattern recognition and spatial awareness. And don't think they're just for kids either.

These games not only help develop your memory and problem-solving skills making them a top choice for everybody. A lot of studies have shown that problem-solving and spatial insight skills are important in all areas of life and even more so with kids. In one study that was performed at the University of Toledo College of Education, it was revealed that kids understand five basic concepts - location, action, time, sequence and the environment. When they were put into a room with a puzzle that required them to use these five concepts, their performance on the spatial-spatial task was greatly improved over a control group that just solved the puzzle without any additional instruction. This is basically because they were solving a problem and improving a skill at the same time.

Other studies have shown that kids also have trouble when it comes to remembering things. It's all about pattern matching and recognizing sequences. Kids who play kids puzzle games tend to memorize things better and remember longer because they're solving a puzzle that requires them to match a sequence or pattern. Therefore, solving puzzles that require pattern matching and can thus be called mazes or jumbles are excellent learning tools as well as good memorization aids. They help students to memorize easily and to understand the concept behind a word or a picture.
Even for adults, solving puzzles is beneficial because it's mentally stimulating and a nice way to relax. The great thing about kids puzzle games is that they're usually free and they're easy to pick up and play. One of my favorite kids' puzzle games is called Chalkboard and you can get it from the library. It's very easy to pick up and play and the objective is very simple: clear a board by matching a series of letters. That's not all there is to this game.
For example, there are other types of kids' free android games like the popular karate player and the Scrabble player. They both are fun games and will keep you entertained for hours. If you want something that's both fun and challenging, then you definitely need to check out the free Scrabble game on Google Play. It's also available on Amazon Fire tablets and you can even get it for free with an Amazon digital reader.
Playing kids' board games helps your kids develop important problem-solving, problem-solve and spatial insight skills. The best news is that many of these are FREE. So what are you waiting for? Grab your kids, some snacks and turn to your computer or tablet for some exciting, FREE puzzles. Check out puzzle subscription box.

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